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“Very well,” he said.”If you will not listen to reason, you will have to listen to force. I have already showed you I can take down the wards around your city. I see that you’ve put them back up, but that’s of no consequence; I can easily do it again. You will either accede to my requirements or face every demon the Mortal Sword can summon. I will tell them not to spare a single one of you, not a man, woman, or child. Its your choice.”

A murmur swept around the room; Luke was staring. “You would deliberately destroy your own kind, Valentine?”


Request #280: Does anyone else think this’d be a really good short cartoon series? Jace would just continue living and Valentine would just keep saving his ass from Jonathan’s murder attempts. And then after wards, Jonathan would say; “Darn. Foiled again.” (That green vile is poison, by the way).