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thebrighterburningstar replied to your post: The TMI & TID ‘Intermediate’ Quiz. Reblog with your answers.

this just makes me realize how much I need to re-read TMI, haha.
I said it might be hard — but give it a try! If you get something wrong, then you’ll learn something! :D 

If you think about it, you could just pick up the books and check and get 20/20. I wouldn’t know, would I? :P 

The problem is… they’re in Sweden.. and I’m in America, HAHAHAH

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When did Cassie say that it would have to be in extreme circumstances for Will would make a pass at her?

OMG I WAS LOOKING FOREVER! … turns out it was when she was answering questions in a video! I FINALLY FOUND IT!

The vid can be found HERE

“I: for those who have finished reading clockwork prince, some might want to know if will is going to put any moves on tessa.

CC: in clockwork princess?

I: mhm.

CC: well, will would have to be very much not a gentleman to put any moves on tessa while she’s engaged to his best friend, and will is very respectful of jem and his feelings as we know, so will will only put moves on tessa under very extreme circumstances…” *evil smile*


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aslfhjdfhlui THANK YOU :D

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Haha you’re welcome! And you shouldn’t be surprised! Your blog is so cool! :) And I don’t know what made you think I’m quality but thank you! And my name is Dominique — I’m pretty sure I know what your name is but in case I get it wrong…

Like everything that is on your blog stinks of awesome! You don’t go all over the place like I do. You just…. you’re amazing *_*

And now I realize you’ve told me your name before. This is when I tell the world again that I’m sorry for my terrible memory. Domino! (I think I’m obsessed with giving people nicknames) and it’s Lollo! (Swedish nickname for Louise ;D)