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“I imagined you wanted an apology! You saved my life at the tea warehouse, and I am grateful, Will. I thought you wanted me to tell you that—”

Will looked as if she had slapped him. “I didn’t save your life so you’d be grateful!”

“Then, what?” Her voice rose. “You did it because it’s your mandate? Because the Law says—”

“I did it because I love you!” he half-shouted, and then, as if registering the shocked look on her face, he said in a more subdued voice, “I love you, Tessa, and I have loved you, almost since the moment I met you.”

this audio clip is from the audiobook of Clockwork Prince written by Cassandra Clare  and read by Heather Lind and Ed Westwick

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“Jem,” she said.
“I–you must know–how very much your friendship means to me,” she began awkwardly. “And–”
A look of pain flashed across his face. “Please don’t.”
Thrown off her stride, Tessa could only blink. “What do you mean?”
“Every time you say the word, ‘friendship,’ it goes into me like a knife,” he said. “To be friends is a beautiful thing, Tessa, and I do not scorn it, but I have hoped for a long time now that we might be more than friends…”