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the loves of my tumblr

Those who have a special place in my heart, gets a special place in this post
(all commentries was much better before.. but then my computer died and it aaaall disappeard D:)

Jonnah - My Parabatai. What would my life be without you? It took us less than 72 hours to make this lifelong commitment and I never regretted it. I am going to be there through the good and the bad times, as I hope you know. “Our souls are knit. We are one person”. You put some extra light into my life. And remember: “A covenant that says you must not go where I cannot come with you.”

Jesi - My Comrade! My first friend on tumblr. How I must’ve annoyed you with all my pladdering about how awsome you were, haha. There is not a night that goes by that I don’t talk to you. And I hope there won’t be one. You created one of the best heroines there is. I am in lesbians with Carla. Period. And you’re Bloodlines/Hunger Games fanfic crossover. Perfection.

Fay - MY WIFEY! You are like the coolest person everrr! I wanna be you when I grow up 8D… cause… you know… I’m not a grown up… yet. AND, we have to get a henna tattoo when I come visit. The marriage one! Period. And I love seeing what you write when you’re pissed. It’s hilarious! And I love listening to you rant… then you make fun of me for not remembering… and then because I don’t know perfect English… you’re mean :( BUT I LOVE YOU!

Camila - The badass little sister I never had. She’s there when I need her, and I am always there when she needs me. I love her. to bits.

Arissa - You were the first quality blog (YES QUALITY, DEAL WITH IT) I followed. I just sat there in awe looking at all the post I just reblogged from you all the time. I admired you. You felt unreachable to me at that time, haha. And I saw the awsome bonds you had with all your friends and I wished I could be one of them. Then I came with a comment here and a comment there. And all of a sudden I was a genuis. And I was introduced to the amazing world of Arissa. I am forever greatful for you wanting to be my friend. Tumblr wouldn’t be the same without you!

MacBeth - Oh how I love you nickname! I just couldn’t stop thinking of you as Macbeth instead of Mary Beth, haha. I am sorry for spreding it but, to quote from Mac Beth, “what done, is done” (I JUST DID THIS SENTENCE SO I COULD USE THAT, AHAHA). I would also like to tell you, once again, that you are as beautiful as the realationship between Dean and Sam. And that Destiel will always be. And I would like to remind you that one does not simply walk into Mordor.

Taran - This is whom I am dating. Even though she cheats on me with MacBeth. We have at least gone to second base. And we have a date in May. So I shall win! Taran also has a magical sword who belonged to a deceased king. She also saves the world from the evil Horn King. Be forever grateful! I would also like to say that Nick and Jess will be together in the end. There are no other options. Haha. And also, that if Chair is not end game. I might smash my TV. If you wanted to know…

Charmander - I have never even asked if it’s okay if I call you Charmander. I just couldn’t resist calling you this adorkable name. Cause it fit you so well 8D You were right up there with Arissa. You were one of her friends that I could just admire from afar. And then Vampire Knight-meets-Infernal Devices happened and voila! I was on the cool list, haha. Seriously though, I know people keep calling me genius. But if I am that… what are you? Super braniac mega genius? The things you can come up with…. flawless!

Spencer - My BFFF! The man I share brain with. Seriously. It is scary how alike we think sometimes. “Great minds think alike”. Must be that! haha. And I love our sleeping routine! I always go to sleep with my buddiebuddie cyberly (is this even a word) before I actually go to bed, haha. It is my daily routine nowadays, and I love it! haha.

Rose - askidhklsdfh! This amazing person is amazing. I think she is also my most devoted follower, haha. you are ridiculous my friend! And I love you for it! I love how you think, and I love your love, HAHAHA. And how you laugh at things I say, always. You’re the best my Rose! RosexDimitri 5everrr (both of them!)

Castiel/Cassie - Cassie, oh my Cassie! … I mean Castiel, *cough* I thought it was finally time for you to upgrade and get on the special list ;D I love our gif wars. Finally I have one to have them with! WIWI! And I love how you just love everything I love! TWIN MIND! And how we always snuggle up next to Bradley when you go to bed. Yes, I said we. Deal with it!

Ash - It’s no fun, being you’re anon. You know it’s me anyway D: HAHAHA, 8D. You deserve the band outside your window! YES, YES YOU DO! naaah. You’re just awsome. And I appreciate awsomeness! I think we became friends because you wrote that you saw quality blogs be all friendly to each other and no one wanted to be yours. So I went Katniss on you and said: I VOLUNTEER! (this is gonna be quite awkward if that wasn’t you….)

Those who I always will enjoy seeing on my dash

(I’m sorry that it’s in no order, whatsoever… to lazy, haha) ♥ | ♥ | ♥ | ♥ | ♥ |  ♥ | ♥ | ♥ | ♥ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |— | | 

Those who will not be named 
(or I sadly forgot, because let’s face it, my memory is worse then your grandmothers, and if I did, I am terribly sorry)

The rest of you. But I still thought you should be on this list. I have reserved some hugs for you too!