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Okay, I need city of heavenly fire.

You know why? I need to see what happens with Alec and Magnus! I need to know if Magnus is gonna be more open about his past or if Alec is gonna accept that he’ll only know the one Magnus is now. If that’ll be enough.

Because it’s the one he’s together with, the Magnus now. It’s the one he’s in love with so maybe I can understand why Magnus thinks it’s of no importance. But still, don’t you wanna be able to say “I love all of you” ? How can you do that when you don’t even know all of someone.
The good and the bad. Sure, you’re probably never gonna know all of someone else, but close enough is enough.

"I just wanna know what made you the one I fell in love with". Yeah. There you go Alec, that’s you line.