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30 Day Infernal Devices Challenge

Day 17- Cast Jem, Will, and Tessa


But lately I’ve been fancying Colton Hayes for Will

For Jem… I have a bunch of Asian guys, haha. It’s just people that have been popping up that I would be like, okay, that could work

Eiji Wentz

Kim Jaejoong

Kevin Woo

And then we have the fabulous Tessa. I’ve liked her in fanarts but I don’t really know who she is.

30 Day Infernal Devices Challenge

Day 16- How do you feel about Tessa’s indecisiveness over the boys?

It’s so annoying when she won’t pick the right one…. AHAH just kidding ;D

I mean… I understand her. She fell as hard as so many other for Will in the beginning. And then he really hurt her. And she doesn’t know what we know… not until it was too late. 

And then when she was hurt, there was Jem. This kind, warm person who she enjoyed being with. And then when she came to turns that Will and her will never be anything she let herself have feelings for Jem.

So…. who wouldn’t be indecisive? 

30 Day Infernal Devices Challenge

Day 11- Most hated character?

I despise Jessamine for her selfishness but I also understand her in someway. I understand why she acts how she does.

I loath Nate for using Tessa like he does. For only thinking of himself. So basically for the same reason as above. Just that… he could’ve handled everything better. I know it prob pissed him off knowing what he knew but still…. he’s just spoiled.

And then you can’t love Mortmain. Cause he’s evil, AHAHAH