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darkprinceandprincess replied to your post: 30 Day Challenge About You

aww you mom is so cute! My life goal right now is to go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter so badly. ps you look really pretty in that pic hun

OMG KAAAY! ahiodfasofghdöfog

I fangirl every time I see you cause I missed you so muuuch!

Okay just gonna say this. The day I went to WWHP was the best day of my life. I was in heaven. You HAVE to go!

And thank youuu! It was the day of my Ball (Prom) :D

  1. darkprinceandprincess said: I MISSED YOU!!! I’m so jealous. I think I might go to Florida this summer, I just want to drink butter beer and get a wand lol I’ve actually googled all of them because I’m such a dork. I wanna see the studio really badly but the flight is so much $
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