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So, I guess we are who we are for alot of reasons. And maybe we’ll never know most of them. But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.

Been watching way too much Idol










So the bibro fans really did send gifts to everyone except Misha?

I’d like to thank them for confirming, straight from the horse’s mouth, what kind of people they are. “assumed he’d gotten one”. Did you now.

A warmer thank you to Jim for asking that question. I can only imagine he was pretty pissed.

I love them defending themselves by saying “but we did get one for Misha!” like lol no, this isn’t even about the shot glasses. You bought those in bulk for every single person on the cast and every single crew member. The issue is the very personal gifts (the bottles of scotch for J&J and the water bottle for Mark) that were given to 3 out of the 4 regular/lead cast members. It’s transparent as fuck and I’m laughing that she tries to pretend like she doesn’t trash talk Misha every chance she gets when talking to Jim, because she knows that shit would not be tolerated by anyone associated with the show.


Add to that they were short by
55 shot glasses, not counting Misha’s apparent one (they sent 300, JM mentioned that there are 355 crew). And let’s also not forget that they published the letter that went with the crew’s glasses, and it very clearly spelled out that they were for the crew and not for any cast member. That letter left no room for doubt. There was never any intention for Misha to get one until they were called out on it. And if it hadn’t been Jim who did it, they’d still be laughing about it. I could almost believe it was a genuine mistake if it wasn’t from people who take great delight in sending hate Misha’s way, and who aren’t doing their best to try and ‘prove’ to TPTB that no one likes him & want him gone. Also, a few of the people who contributed money were very upset with how it was handled & felt misled as to how it was going to be used/run, so…

Where did they publish the letter? I’d love to see it. Sources, sources, you know. :) And it would be great to see sources for misled contributors too?

Here’s the screencap from Kelios’ livejournal
- this is the letter they say went to the crew with the shot glasses:


The unhappy people - one has asked not to be named (so can’t help with that one), but there were others unhappy with the way the gift was presented. These were on twitter, but it was immediately after the con that this was so it’ll take some time to sort through & find them. Sorry!

Absolutely appalling.

Turning a fan-donated project into a way of excluding Misha is so cruel. Don’t forget, this is a man who was relentlessly bullied as a child and still gets upset about it when discussing his abuse at conventions. Now these women are bullying him as an adult.

And, yes, they sent Jared, Jensen and Mark “special” custom made items, blatantly excluding Misha to the point where Jim had to ask, “Oh, uh, does Misha get one, too?” Can you imagine that happening to Jared or Jensen? These fans would be livid. Yet, because it’s Misha, someone they bully on a continual basis, excluding him doesn’t seem to faze them.

Thankfully, this fandom reacted in a positive way to this upsetting passive aggressive stab at Misha and set up a second fan-based project, this time treating ALL series regulars EQUALLY, and even making room for the full set of crew, production team, and even the PR to get some love too!


Donations are still being accepted! In order to stretch the project to reach all of the crew and other production members like Jim, who is a badass in defending Misha and being equal to all fans, please continue donating!

Let’s make this the one project that doesn’t exclude anyone. One huge S10 celebration where EVERYONE gets recognized and no one is left behind.

You can read about this new project here and support their donation goals here. Also, updates here and here.

I will leave this here… these days I haven’t expressed myself about this situation because I was terribly pissed off about it, and if I have talked, I would have said a lot of horrible things about these “fans”.

But, for all the followers that asked me what was happening, it’s all expressed here.

I’m still pissed, I will never stop being cos stupid people being rude makes me angry on a daily basis, but somehow I’m glad Jim Michaels replied them like this.

Transparent as water.

And for the people organizing this: YOU ARE PATHETIC.

And I will stop here.

I’m in a bit of a pickle bank-wise, but I will donate the first chance I get!